Create batch file with parameters

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create batch file with parameters

Before you create your world-famous new command, you need to figure out what to make. Most commands have one specific purpose such as the REN commandand each switch adds some more functionality to that command. Most of these commands were made because it would be impossible to do a certain task that batch files are commonly used for without them.

Unfortunately, you cannot make a command that will make something possible that has never been possible before because if you're making it, it's possible. So, the best thing to base your command around is to save time.

So, ask yourself, What do I do frequently that takes a long time to program in? If you're not that much of the typical "hardcore programmer" you're using batch here, so not many of you will match that term, it was purely to get my point acrossthen you might not need a function to save time, because you don't do that much. In that case, ask yourself something along the lines of Which command lacks something?

That basically means, what command are you not happy with and you think you can do better?

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Unfortunately, you can't just modify the code within the commands, so you have to resort to making a new command such as SETX. I probably should have explained how the command line cmd.

Well, looks like I found my topic for the next section. Ok, so you have your command, but how do you use it? Well, you need to "install" it on your computer. You can make an auto installer, but you need to have admin permission.

Note: If you make a script that is intended to be used by more than yourself, you should put your new command in the same folder as the script, that way it will still work. So, I think that about wraps it up. Question 10 months ago. Reply 1 year ago.

You could use the 'choice' command. I have NOT tested the following code, but it would be something similar to this:. Great tut. In your command code, do you need the setlocal enabledelayedexpansion thing? Or can you change the enabledelayexpansion?While Windows Script Host is a powerful scripting and programming environment, the old-fashioned batch file can still be a useful, powerful tool in the Windows XP environment. Whereas Windows Script Host programs use objects as tools to perform Windows management and data-processing tasks, batch files use entire programs as their tools.

WSH scripts give you great control of the details of a task, whereas batch files let you work at a grosser, macro level. So, just as it's an advantage to have both small and large wrenches in your toolbox, it's an advantage to know how to write both scripts and batch files. Furthermore, like Windows Script programs, batch files serve as a form of documentation, because they capture critical business management information—procedures and configuration data—in written form.

In my work as both a software developer and writer, I've found that the batch files I write fall into three categories:.

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In this chapter, I'll discuss the commands that are particularly useful in batch files and will give you some examples of the three categories of batch files I find useful. See All Related Store Items. Brian Knittel discusses commands that are particularly effective in batch files and provides some examples of three categories of especially useful batch files. This chapter is from the book. Like scripts, batch files can serve as documentation of critical business procedures. Related Resources Store Articles.

Join Sign In. All rights reserved.There are two types of variables in batch files. One is for parameters which can be passed when the batch file is called and the other is done via the set command.

Batch scripts support the concept of command line arguments wherein arguments can be passed to the batch file when invoked. Following is a screenshot of how this would look in the command prompt when the batch file is executed. Following is the syntax of the set command. In the above code snippet, a variable called message is defined and set with the value of "Hello World".

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In batch script, it is also possible to define a variable to hold a numeric value. All of the arithmetic operators work in batch files. The following example shows arithmetic operators can be used in batch files. In any programming language, there is an option to mark variables as having some sort of scope, i. Normally, variable having a global scope can be accessed anywhere from a program whereas local scoped variables have a defined boundary in which they can be accessed.

create batch file with parameters

DOS scripting also has a definition for locally and globally scoped variables. By default, variables are global to your entire command prompt session. The following example shows the difference when local and global variables are set in the script. If you have variables that would be used across batch files, then it is always preferable to use environment variables. Following is an example of an output.

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Batch Script - Variables Advertisements. Previous Page. Next Page. Previous Page Print Page.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

The dark mode beta is finally here. Change your preferences any time. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. I am just beginning to learn command line scripts, and I have an assignment for school in which the first part is to create a batch file that accepts two integers as parameters.

The integers will be subsequently manipulated throughout the question, and I am not looking for any help with that. I have googled this many different ways, and cannot seem to come up with an answer.

How do I begin this? I know this is very basic to probably everyone that reads this, but I am asking you to cut me some slack, we all have to start somewhere. If the requirement of your assignment doesn't specifically say you definitely must use batch cmd. It has a tad better error handling, and can do floating point maths etc, better than what cmd.

Learn more. How to create a batch file that accepts two integers as parameters Ask Question. Asked 9 years, 6 months ago.

Execute SSIS Package from Batch file or Command prompt

Active 9 years, 6 months ago. Viewed 22k times. John Kugelman k 59 59 gold badges silver badges bronze badges. Active Oldest Votes. Justin Ethier Justin Ethier k 47 47 gold badges silver badges bronze badges. Wow, am I impressed. In other instances when I have searched the internet for tech help in reference to school related materialsome of the responders were very rude when answering questions essentially calling the poster stupid.

You guys are great! Thank you so much for your help, now I can finish off my question without any problem. Yes, very sorry, it is Windows 7 that we are doing this in.

I guess my confusion comes from the sample we were given in our lecture, in that a variable was assigned within the script, and we named the file 'param. We then ran the file as param. I couldn't figure out how the hell I was supposed to get two integers in that way. Just confused, I guess. Damn it, I keep pressing return, so I have a few posts, sorry.

How would I get the user to input the parameter? Description Err.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. The dark mode beta is finally here. Change your preferences any time. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. I need to pass an ID and a password to a batch file at the time of running rather than hardcoding them into the file.

You can have up to 9 parameters passed in this way. It can be solved with reading from a temporary file a remarked version of the parameter. Then reading the rem parameter output from the file, but carefully. After removing the extra characters in param1you got it.

The "pause" displays what the batch file has done and waits for you to hit the ANY key. Save that as xx.

create batch file with parameters

This batch file takes care of all the necessary parameters, like copying only files, that are newer, etc. I have used it since before Windows.

Batch Script - Functions with Parameters

If you like seeing the names of the files, as they are being copied, leave out the Q parameter. A friend was asking me about this subject recently, so I thought I'd post how I handle command-line arguments in batch files. This technique has a bit of overhead as you'll see, but it makes my batch files very easy to understand and quick to implement.

As well as supporting the following structures:. The jist of it is having the :init:parseand :main functions. It won't modify the original parameters because the function is being call ed with a copy of the original parameters.

Inspired by an answer elsewhere by Jon, I have crafted a more general algorithm for extracting named parameters, optional values, and switches. Let us say that we want to implement a utility foobar. It requires an initial command. It has an optional parameter --foo which takes an optional value which cannot be another parameter, of course ; if the value is missing it defaults to default.

It also has an optional parameter --bar which takes a required value. Lastly it can take a flag --baz with no value allowed. Oh, and these parameters can come in any order. Then place the batch file in, let's say, the system32 folder, go to your Java class file, right click, Properties, Open with Its not just simple to write but its simple to maintain as well so if later some other person or you read your script after long period of time, it will be easy to understand and maintain. Learn more.BAT if started at boot time.

BAT, you can check if it is being started at boot time or from the command line, for example to prevent loading TSRs twice. Does that mean the rest of the parameters is lost? Of course not. Use a loop to handle any number of command line parameters:.

Creating A Batch File To Stop And Start A Windows Service

To use this feature, Command Extensions should be enabled. Some characters in the command line are ignored by batch files, depending on the DOS version, whether they are " escaped " or not, and often depending on their location in the command line:. I know of several occasions where these seemingly useless "features" proved very handy.

Keep in mind, though, that these "features" may vary with the operating systems used. Windows and XP add even more options. Do note, however, that labels are case sensitive, so you may not want to use this technique for "string type" arguments.

Also keep in mind that labels cannot contain delimiters space, comma, semi-colon, etceterathey must be unique, and that only the first 8 characters are used so the first 8 characters must be unique! Command extensions enable extra features in NT shells. By default command extensions are enabled. Please read the Best Practices section on command line input validation.

This tip dates back to way before the Windows NT era. In CMD.A function is a set of statements organized together to perform a specific task. In batch scripts, a similar approach is adopted to group logical statements together to form a function. In Batch Script, a function is defined by using the label statement. When a function is newly defined, it may take one or several values as input 'parameters' to the function, process the functions in the main body, and pass back the values to the functions as output 'return types'.

Every function has a function name, which describes the task that the function performs.

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To use a function, you "call" that function with its name and pass its input values known as arguments that matches the types of the function's parameters. Local variables in functions can be used to avoid name conflicts and keep variable changes local to the function. The ability to completely encapsulate the body of a function by keeping variable changes local to the function and invisible to the caller.

This filter can be used to redirect any output to a file. This filter can be used to append any output to a file. Reading of files in a batch script is done via using the FOR loop command to go through each line which is defined in the file that needs to be read.

When a batch file is run, it gives you the option to pass in command line parameters which can then be read within the program for further processing. In Batch Script, it is possible to perform the normal folder based operations that would be expected in any programming language.

The listing of folder contents can be done with the dir command.

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This command allows you to see the available files and directories in the current directory. Batch Script - Functions Advertisements. Previous Page. Next Page. Previous Page Print Page. Calling a Function A function is called in Batch Script by using the call command. Functions with Parameters Functions can work with parameters by simply passing them when a call is made to the function.

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